Girl wins award for contact lens project

Girl wins award for contact lens project

Teenagers have been reminded of the need to take care of contact lenses after a girl won an award for her work on the topic.

Pittsburgh-based Halie Ann Carter obtained the Girl Scout Gold Award after carrying out research on contact lens care to create a PowerPoint presentation.

The project took several months, though she had begun working on it indirectly three years earlier.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Halie covered technical aspects of contact lens care in her presentation and impressed her school nurse, Darlene Krey.

"She strongly believed that the middle school-age students needed to understand how to properly care for their contact lenses," Halie said.

The presentation was then showed to science teachers and brought into the school curriculum.

Recently, the Vision Centre, part of the Children"s Hospital in Los Angeles, stated that children can wear contact lenses.

It said that this is safe as long as they take proper care of them and maintain the hygiene procedures.

by Emily Tait

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