Eyes "can be aged by black"

Eyes "can be aged by black"

Wearing black may not flatter the eyes, a stylist has stated.

Jules Standish, who founded Colour Consultancy, warned that most women do not suit having black worn by their faces.

She explained that many women will find that wearing black on their top halves draws attention to the shadows beneath their eyes.

If it is necessary to wear it on the torso, she urges people to ensure that their eye makeup is the right colour for them and to wear brighter scarves or jewellery.

Women who have dark markings in their irises may be able to wear black close to their faces.

Safe Cosmetics UK recommends that blue-eyed women wear eyeshadow in shades such as gold, taupe, plum and brown.

Green eyes can wear various purples, peaches and golds, while grey eyes work well with softer purples, charcoals and browns.

Almost any colour will flatter with brown eyes, though metallic shades are especially well suited.

by Adrian Galbreth

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