Celebrity chef speaks of cataract experience

Celebrity chef speaks of cataract experience

By Martin Burn

Television chef Clarissa Dickson Wright has given her account of her cataracts and subsequent treatment.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, she described how she had had perfect vision until she was 60.

But Ms Dickson Wright then started having trouble aiming when she was grouse shooting and reading signposts.

She was diagnosed with cataracts in both her eyes and soon after started seeing rings of light around street lamps.

Ms Dickson Wright stopped driving at night after she looked up at the sky and saw three moons, realising her cataracts had advanced.

She has now had surgery and just wears glasses for reading.

"Not a lot worries me but the thought of losing my eyesight is terrifying," she told the paper.

Cataracts occur when the kens of the eye becomes clouded over and is often age-related.

Sight charity the RNIB explains that most people find their vision has become better as soon as they have had the surgery, though it may take months to heal completely.

by Emily Tait

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