Plum eyeshadow "is the new smoky eye"

Plum eyeshadow "is the new smoky eye"

By Emily Tait

A makeup artist has urged women to try experimenting with different colours as a substitute to the famous "smoky eye" look.

Lindsay Donald told the Des Moines Register that "deep plum eyeshadow is the new smoky eye" and pronounced it a fitting look for autumn.

She suggested using the darkest tone on the lids and a complementary colour in the crease of the eye.

Using the darker colour on the lower lash rim and a pinker colour under the eye can help accentuate the look.

This can then be followed by a ligher shadow under the brow bone and at the inner eye, as well as several layers of mascara.

Meanwhile, CTV News reports that the natural look is another current trend.

Eddie Maleterre of LG Fashion Week Beauty in Toronto said that the look is inspired by pinks, whites and blue-greens, comparing it to the colours of a beach.

by Adrian Galbreth

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