Patient "felt nothing" during laser surgery

Patient "felt nothing" during laser surgery

Laser eye surgery was an entirely painless procedure for one patient.

David Firth used an article for the Sun to give an account of his experience of the treatment.

With eyesight of -1.00 in one eye and -2.00 in the other, as well as having thick corneas, Mr Firth was well suited to the operation.

He had heard a number of "scare stories", including the idea that he would be able to smell his eyes burning as the lasers went to work.

But although he did experience a "slight smell", Mr Firth said the procedure was over in seconds and he "didn"t feel a thing".

He praised his surgeon, Ali Mearza, as "experienced and brilliant".

Mr Firth had perfect vision after one night"s sleep.

by Martin Burns

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