National Eye Week 2009 highlights need for regular testing

National Eye Week 2009 highlights need for regular testing

By Martin Burns

National Eye Week, which this year runs from November 9th to November 15th, aims to highlight the need for eye tests in a bid to improve the nation"s sight.

The week is organised by the Eyecare Trust – a registered charity that promotes awareness of ocular health and the importance of good eye care – and this year the week is sponsored by healthcare provider Simplyhealth.

Forty-five million Brits are currently put off having an eye test because of worries over the possible cost of the examination or eyewear that might be necessary as a result of it, according to the organisers.

"Looking at lifestyle, diet and nutrition we suggest simple ways in which we can all safeguard our sight as well as other aspects of our health," says the campaign"s website.

The website offers a five minute free online sight test and the opportunity to find out whether or not you are entitled to help from the NHS.

Earlier in 2009 the Eyecare Trust publicised the statistic that half a million Brits are unaware that they are losing their sight to glaucoma – a common eye disease that is often symptomless until it is too late.

by Martin Burns

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