Eye surgeon to broadcast own surgery

Eye surgeon to broadcast own surgery

By Adrian Galbreth

World-renowned surgeon Dr Con Moshegov will undergo laser eye surgery in a live broadcast to persuade more people to have the surgery.

The Australian eye surgeon will talk the audience through the operation from the patient"s chair as it happens.

"I have no reservations whatsoever. Most patients don"t realise that not a single person has ever gone blind as a result of laser vision correction in the decades this treatment has been performed," said Dr Moshegov.

He insisted that he will have no trouble talking throughout the surgery, adding that most patients are surprised at how quickly the operation is over and that generally they do not feel anything during the treatment.

Dr Moshegov has performed over 10,000 procedures himself since his first one in London in 1994. He lectures, has had papers published in international journals and is principal surgeon at Perfect Vision Laser Correction in Sydney, Australia.

The event – a world first – will take place in January 2010 and will be performed by fellow Australian surgeon Dr John Males.

by Emily Tait

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