Sports star will return to wearing a visor

Sports star will return to wearing a visor

By Emily Tait

American football player Roy Williams will return to wearing a visor with his helmet on Sunday, according to a report from the Dallas Morning News.

The Dallas Cowboys wide receiver wore the visor to protect his contact lenses but ditched it after a freak incident, it was reported.

Williams missed a catch in last Sunday"s game at the Green Bay Packers after he lost the ball mid-flight due to the glare on his visor from the stadium"s flood lights.

Williams told the Dallas Morning News: "You can see the lights in my vision. That ball hit me dead in the face. Show me any other [pass] when I"ve gotten hit dead in the face."

But Sunday will see the Cowboys start at noon and so the match will be accompanied by a return of the protective visor.

After winning their last game against Washington Redskins, the Dallas Cowboys currently lie in first place in the National Football Conference East Team Division.

by Alexa Kaczka

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