Make first contact (lens) this Halloween

Make first contact (lens) this Halloween

People eager to pull off that perfect extraterrestrial eyeball look, or perhaps add an extra something to their werewolf or vampire costume, could well be tempted to opt for a set of contact lenses this Halloween.

A post on web resource CNet"s Crave blog by sector commentator Leslie Katz explains contact lenses for such an event can be purchased in prescription strength, along with plano - meaning they have no corrective power.

This means "you don"t have to compromise your eyesight to look like a woodland orc", he explains.

While such lenses are perfect for that zombie, mummy or ghoul look, they could be tempting as a year-round accessory, the post notes.

It suggests flaming red contact lenses could be perfect for someone eager to try and convince their boss they have a high temperature and need to head off home early.

Manufacturer Johnson and Johnson recently advised contact lens users that contact lenses should be put in before applying makeup and be removed before cleaning the eyelids.

by Emily Tait

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