Poor eyesight to blame for "rigged" I"m a Celebrity eviction

Poor eyesight to blame for "rigged" I"m a Celebrity eviction

By Emily Tait

Former heavyweight boxing champion Joe Bugner has said that his eviction from ITV"s I"m a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, was rigged by the show taking advantage of his poor eyesight, according to the Daily Mail.

Bugner faced Hollyoaks" Stuart Manning in a challenge that required him to read codes on jail cell bars with an ultra-violet torch, which he lost.

But the star has poor eyesight, according to the news provider, and is convinced the challenge was fixed to get him off the show so that Manning could continue his on-screen romance with former Mis-Teeq singer Sabrina Washington.

He told the Sun: "I"m convinced it was a fix. In fact I know it. Do I think they wanted to keep Stuart because of his lovey-dovey friendship with Sabrina? Well, of course I do. It"s obvious. It was rigged – absolutely!"

ITV has categorically denied the allegations.

Jules Standish, a professional colour consultant, recently said that ex-glamour model and singer Sam Fox should have taken mascara in to the jungle to "keep her lovely eyes sparkling".

by Alexa Kaczka

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