New device makes contact lenses even easier

New device makes contact lenses even easier

By Martin Burns

A new eye care device which allows the user to insert contact lenses and eye drops without touching the eye has been invented.

Dr Chuck R Courtenay invented the Eye-POD eye care kit to help cope with his own dry eye issues, caused by Bell"s Palsy.

The device uses liquid affinity physics to enable people to insert and remove contact lenses or apply eye drops easily without having to touch their eye with dirty fingers.

Thanks to its special "Tunnel-of-Light", which aligns the contact lens or eye drop with the pupil of the eye, the Eye-POD can place drops directly into the centre of the eye.

It is also able to hold a single eye drop over the centre of the eye without the user having to bend over.

Dave Zakutin – an American inventor – recently devised the Jitter Bug, a simple mechanism for cleaning contact lenses, Ontario"s Kitchener Waterloo Record reported.

by Adrian Galbreth

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