Blogger reveals 60-year-old broken children"s glasses

Blogger reveals 60-year-old broken children"s glasses

By Martin Burns

Azrael Brown told on his blog, the Infomercantile, of a pair of glasses he purchased at a flea market in July, 2008.

The glasses have a cracked right lens, due to an accident of some kind, but other than that have very few signs of deterioration.

They came complete with a note attached which states that the glasses were broken on May 10th 1945 – just two days after German forces relinquished their Eastern front to the Soviet Union, marking the end of World War Two.

The parents of this child chose this unique way to remember a rather different event in their lives.

Mr Brown said: "The proud parents of this future baby-boomer weren"t about to erase this momentous occasion from history."

"May 10th, 1945, will go down in infamy as the day Junior fell down and broke his new pair of glasses," he added.

The Chinese government recently urged its local education authorities to pay more attention to combating near-sightedness among students.

by Adrian Galbreth

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