Eye care advice for women

Eye care advice for women

Clinical and lead surgeon at Shinagawa LASIK Centre Dr Lee Sao Bing, writing for Asiaone health, says that lifestyle and hormones make women more susceptible to certain eye conditions such as allergies, irritations and eye infections, including conjunctivitis, or red eye.

Particles from makeup can get into the eye, especially via corneal abrasions (cuts and scratches on the front of the eye), and cause soreness and swelling.

Bacteria can also build up on the implements used to apply makeup, so they should be kept clean and expired cosmetics should be binned.

Dr Bing adds that women are prone to leaving a layer of grease on their contact lenses because of the use of hand creams, body lotions, cream-based foundations and oil-based make-up.

He advises washing hands before putting contact lenses in and not wearing them for too long.

The American Academy of Family Physicians recently advised people to keep their finger nails short, be careful when putting contact lenses in, keep lenses clean and never sleep in them to avoid corneal abrasions.

by Alexa Kaczka

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