Glittery eyes key to copying Cheryl Cole"s look

Glittery eyes key to copying Cheryl Cole"s look

By Emily Tait

Sparkling eye makeup is the key to copying Cheryl Cole"s X-Factor style, it has been claimed.

According to the beauty gurus at Hello magazine, Cheryl and her fellow judge Dannii Minogue have both been showing off glittery eyes on the show and the look is easy to recreate for festive parties.

The publication suggests using a metallic, cream-based eye shadow on the lid for "full-on Cheryl-style glamour" and also advises using a matching shade of eyeliner on the lower lid for balance.

However, it warns women embracing statement eye makeup that they should tone down their cheeks and lips to avoid looking like a drag queen.

"The key with glitter is to focus on one feature only. And keep your finishes matte; shiny skin and glossy lips attract the light to fight with sparkly eyes," it advises.

Last week, Jenni Middleton, editor of Professional Beauty magazine, said that celebrities such as Cheryl Cole and Lady Gaga are prompting the trend for false eyelashes.

by Martin Burns

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