Children"s eyes "need protecting at Christmas"

Children"s eyes "need protecting at Christmas"

By Alexa Kaczka

An optometrist has encouraged parents to take steps to protect their children"s eyes this Christmas.

Speaking to the Kansan newspaper, Julie Toon, president of the Eye Care Council, said that a number of toys given as Christmas gifts could cause damage to a youngster"s eyes.

"With new toys given as gifts to children, the holiday season can be a challenge to proper eye care precautions," she said.

"However, with the appropriate equipment and information, families can have an enjoyable – and, most importantly, safe – holiday season."

The Eye Care Council advises parents to make sure they select toys that are suitable for their child"s age group and also suggests checking that they are wearing appropriate eye wear, such as goggles, if they are using potentiality hazardous equipment.

According to the body, children should also be made to take adequate breaks if playing new computer games or watching festive TV so that they do not strain their eyes.

Earlier this month, the American Academy of Ophthalmology issued eye care guidance for the festive season, saying that if people are heading on ski holidays they need to protect their eyes from the sun"s UV rays.

by Emily Tait

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