Eye spy … an expert advice guide.

Eye spy … an expert advice guide.

Bausch and Lomb, maker of PureVision contact lenses, produce a handy guide that details how to maintain healthy and beautiful eyes.

According to the company, 93 per cent of British people value their eyesight more than their other four senses.

However, it also notes 100 people every day allow their eyesight to deteriorate.

The guide includes tips from celebrities such as Nicky Hambleton-Jones, Ariane Poole and Lowri Turner, as well as eye health expert Nicholas Lee, who is the lead ophthalmic clinician at the Hillingdon Hospital and consultant ophthalmologist at the Western Eye Hospital.

He offers practical tips on eating the right foods, avoiding harmful UVA and UVB rays, body weight and fitness and getting your eyes tested.

The guide also dispels some common eye myths and gives advice on choosing the right contact lenses or laser eye correction options.

by Alexa Kaczka

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