Eye protection advice for skiers

Eye protection advice for skiers

By Adrian Galbreth

Protecting your eyes is paramount on the ski slopes and anti-fog protection brand Clarity Defog It is advising skiers to take protective measures this winter.

The company advises wearing ski goggles to prevent flying snow, ice and debris from damaging your eyes or compromising your vision.

Anti-fog sprays or wipes can be carried in your bag or pocket and used to fog-proof sunglasses and prescription eyewear.

And for children the advice is especially important, believes John Swett, maker of the Clarity Defog It anti-fog wipe.

He said: “Even kids can work up a sweat on the mountain, and that can really fog up goggles and sunglasses. Anti-fog spray or towelettes are actually a safety accessory to help keep goggles and glasses fog-free, which helps skiers and snowboarders stay safe.”

Contact lens manufacturer Bausch & Lomb recently unveiled FogShield Sport pre-moistened towelettes which prevent fog from forming on goggles for eight hours and also help keep lenses clean.

by Emily Tait

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