VDU use and contact lenses

VDU use and contact lenses

Computer use can be hard on the eyes, but there are many easy steps people can take to prevent eye strain, according to contact lens manufacturer Cooper Vision.

Three quarters of people who regularly use a PC find they suffer from eye discomfort and related symptoms at one time of another, it notes.

These include blurry eyesight, headaches, dry eyes, pain in the shoulders, neck and back and light sensitivity.

While these symptoms may also be indicative of an underlying eye problem that needs checking out by an optician, often a few simple tricks can solve the problem for the majority of people.

Cooper Vision recommends people try to blink more often to moisten the eye, take several breaks an hour from the screen and - if necessary - use eye drops.

In addition, beware of screen glare, reflection and lower the brightness and contrast settings on the computer.

Upon an eye examination some people will find they need their vision correcting and contact lenses are suitable for use with VDUs.

by Emily Tait

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