Woman"s eyesight returned after 33 years

Woman"s eyesight returned after 33 years

A woman from the US has had her eyesight restored after being blind for 30 years, it has been reported.

Jenny Peterson, from South Dekota, lost her eyesight following an allergic reaction to antibiotics, reports ActionNews.

Over the years, Jenny underwent several unsuccessful stem cell transplants and surgeries, which would return her sight for a few days.

Recently, however, she was convinced by surgeons to give surgery another try and was amazed by the results.

After five hours surgery at the Mayo Clinic, Jenny awoke and could see almost immediately.

"I saw my kids. And I can see the little children that I left behind in their faces yet. And I say my husband, my sisters, my dad," she told the news provider.

Her husband, Ron added: "We"ve been watching videos of things that have happened 30 years ago and 25 years ago. Things that we went to but she could never see."

Also recently, researchers from the UC Davis Medical Center in the US claimed that artificial muscles could be used restore the eyesight of people with facial paralysis.

by Adrian Galbreth

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