Commentator advises women to have fun with eye makeup

Commentator advises women to have fun with eye makeup

Brightly-coloured eye makeup is not just for girls in their teens, according to one commentator.

Writing for the Feel Good Style blog, Liz Thompson said that while a natural look is often deemed more suitable for mature women, dark dramatic eye shadow can help achieve a sultry evening look which is also fun.

She suggested that before applying the eye makeup women should mix powdery eye shadow with a little rosehip oil to create a thick glaze that does not leave eyes looking crepey.

Applying a light layer of powder to the lid of the eye and then putting a tiny amount of cream blusher over the top is also cited as a good tip, as it creates a "cool smudged look".

Another slightly more unusual piece of advice is to apply dark eye shadow to the lid of the lash lines before jumping in the shower - leaving you with a cool "slept in" look.

For the opposite effect – dabbing a small amount of concealer in the corner of your eye will make them appear fresher and wider awake.

by Alexa Kaczka

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