Woman"s sharp eyesight saves stranded man

Woman"s sharp eyesight saves stranded man

By Emily Tait

A German man has been saved from the perils of Mother Nature thanks to the keen eyesight of a woman 350 miles away.

The man had gone to view the sunset on the North Sea coast of St Peter-Ording near the Danish border.

But when he got lost in the freezing conditions he flashed his camera, hoping that it might be spotted by a passer-by.

He perhaps did not anticipate that it would be seen by a nature-loving woman sat in front of her computer, watching the sunset on her webcam in Westerwald near the Rhine in Southern Germany.

The heroine alerted police who conducted a rescue mission for the man as temperatures plunged to -20 degrees Celsius.

Police spokeswoman Kristin Stielow said: "He was walking on the ice, got disorientated and would probably have either fallen through the ice or succumbed to the cold."

"He was very lucky that this lady was sharing the same natural phenomenon but from the warmth and safety of her own home," she added.

St Peter Ording is one of Germany"s most popular tourist destinations with a huge beach 2km in width often used as the Sahara Desert in films.

by Adrian Galbreth

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