Staring at a computer can cause late-onset myopia

Staring at a computer can cause late-onset myopia

An eye expert has shed some light on how harmful staring at computer screens can be for eyes.

Speaking to the Guardian, Dr Rob Hogan, professional services director for opticians Dollond & Aitchison, said that in some people eyesight can deteriorate in a person"s late teens and early 20s.

This is called late-onset myopia and can be exacerbated by the increased use of computers.

He added: "The computer screen is at a very unusual distance visually. We read a book at arm"s length, which is about 40 cm from the eyes, or focus on things which are around 10 to 15 ft away, so working at a screen that is placed around 60 to 70 cm away is a new concept for our eyes to focus on over long periods."

A study recently carried out by the Kaiser Family Foundation revealed that children are spending an average of seven hours and 38 minutes a day consuming electronic media.

by Adrian Galbreth

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