12% of men "don"t know partner"s eye colour"

12% of men "don"t know partner"s eye colour"

Many men are clueless about the colour of their partner"s eyes, according to a recent survey.

Research by the Perfume Shop highlighted that while six out of ten guys reckon they know their partner inside out, 12 per cent do not know what colour their wife or girlfriend"s eyes are.

Spokeswoman Michelle D"vaz said: "The results of this survey are actually quite shocking.

"The basic details like date of birth and hair colour are what you expect your partner to know about you, but it seems many men don"t. This is especially the case with everyday things like eye colour."

And it seems that women are becoming increasingly disgruntled with their other halves" lack of attention to detail, with almost one in ten men being dumped due to forgetting everyday details such as eye colour or favourite perfume.

However, 80 per cent of those questioned said that if the tables were turned, women would know everything about their partners.

by Emily Tait

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