Peter Andre angry over daughter"s eye makeup

Peter Andre angry over daughter"s eye makeup

By Emily Tait

Katie Price has wound-up ex-husband Peter Andre by putting makeup on their two-year-old daughter.

Andre said he was "absolutely disgusted" with the pictures that showed daughter Princess Tiaamii wearing blusher and false eye lashes.

They were shown on Katie Price"s 20-year-old sister"s Facebook page.

The singer, who shot to fame in 1995 with his Mysterious Girl single, said: "Well, it"s a two-year-old girl with false eyelashes on, full of makeup for the whole world to see. To be honest with you, I"m disgusted – that"s it."

Price, otherwise known as Jordan, tied the knot with 33-year-old cage fighter Alex Reid in Las Vegas recently after dating for around seven months.

A recent study by the Environmental Working Group in America found that eye makeup such as mascara, eye shadow and foundation can be a danger to young girls.

The chemicals in them can cause conditions such as cancer, infertility and hormone imbalance, it was revealed.

by Adrian Galbreth

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