Trying new eye shadows "a great way to experiment"

Trying new eye shadows "a great way to experiment"

By Emily Tait

Trying a new eye shadow colour for every day of the week is a great way to be more adventurous with makeup, according to cosmetics guru Lauren Luke.

Speaking to Stylelist, Lauren, who found fame when her makeup tutorials on YouTube garnered international attention, said that trying new eye shadows and then forming a look around that colour can be a great way to find out what suits certain skin types and can help people break out of their routine.

"Not to everyone"s liking, but, for example, blue. Blue can be such a hideous colour, but if you mix it with other things you can make it look very nice. You"ll see the different reactions when you go out and get more confident as you go out with different looks," she added.

The commentator added that one of her top makeup tips is to invest in a good mascara, noting that MAC Plush Lash is one of her favourites thanks to its big brush.

Lauren is a self-taught makeup artist and has now launched her own cosmetics range.

by Martin Burns

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