Allergy advice for contact lens wearers

Allergy advice for contact lens wearers

A woman new to contact lenses who suffers from a pet allergy has been offered advice by an optometrist.

She wrote to the Edmonton Journal saying that she was going on holiday and knew she would come into contact with cats, which would make her eyes itch and become watery.

Optometrist Femida Zisnani responded with the advice that she should wait until she returns to continue getting used to her new contact lenses.

"Most people don"t like giving up contact lenses once they"ve started wearing them, so if you have allergies, once you"ve learned to manage the lenses, you can take antihistamines that are made specifically for the eyes," she added.

She also noted that medicated drops should not be used at the same time as contact lenses, though some daily disposable lenses could be worn at the same time.

In addition, lenses should not be worn for longer than around eight hours, she advised.

by Martin Burns

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