People "need info" on their eyesight

People "need info" on their eyesight

It is important that people are provided with adequate information about their eyesight, according to the founder of Unite for Sight.

For this reason Jennifer Staple-Clark, who saw patients lose their eyesight from undiagnosed glaucoma during her time working in a doctor"s office, created the organisation which encourages communities to provide quality eye care and prevent blindness.

Speaking to The Spectrum, the independent student newspaper of the University at Buffalo, Ms Staple-Clark said the non-profit body has grown substantially since its humble beginnings.

She told the publication: "We absolutely love working with students and to have them and their excitement is fantastic. They are able to bring their own skill, expertise and resources for these eye clinics."

Ms Staple-Clark added that it costs just $50 (£32) to help restore a person"s eyesight.

One of Unite for Sight"s current goals is to sponsor 41,000 sight-restoring surgeries by end of this year.

by Alexa Kaczka

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