Age related eye problems solved in lunchtime

Age related eye problems solved in lunchtime

People over the age of 45 will be excited to hear about the latest developments in eye surgery that can solve age related problems in a matter of minutes.

The operation restores almost perfect vision within 20 minutes with permanent and instant results.

Lens replacement vision correction involves replacing the eye"s natural lens with a new, permanent implant in a similar way to cataract surgery.

Unlike laser eye surgery where a patient could need repeat surgery later as the natural lens grows again, lens replacement correction removes the natural lens in favour of an artificial lens. It also means the patient will not develop cataracts.

Speaking to the Daily Express, ophthalmologist Oliver Backhouse, who works for the Yorkshire Eye Hospital, said: "This lens is amazing. Anyone over 45 who has sight deterioration should consider this if they want to have surgery to restore their sight."

This new surgery, which involves simple anaesthetic eyedrops, could revolutionise the future for glasses and contact lens wearers.

by Adrian Galbreth

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