Omega-3 eyesight benefits promoted

Omega-3 eyesight benefits promoted

By Adrian Galbreth

International Omega-3 Day is being celebrated today (March 3rd) and its benefits for eyesight have been promoted.

Seafish, an authority on marine food, has said it is joining in the celebrations and pointed to research explored at a conference in January 2009, which asserted that the mixture of vitamins, minerals and long-chain fatty acids present in seafood can improve eyesight.

Some contact lens wearers may not be getting the benefits of seafood as one third of respondents to a survey carried out by Seafish said they manage to eat the recommended two portions of fish a week.

The organisation said: "Seafood is one of the tastiest foods available and Omega-3 Day is the ideal opportunity to try some new seafood recipes and enjoy your two a week."

Meanwhile, contact lens wearers who use computers and other backlit screens often need to make sure they keep their eyes healthy to avoid problems with sight, leading optometrist and author Dr Jeffrey Anshel has warned.

by Alexa Kaczka

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