Glasses "should be embraced"

Glasses "should be embraced"

Contact lens and glasses wearers do not have to be embarrassed about having to wear specs and they should feel lucky about being able to sport the eyewear, it has been suggested.

Angelica Hermon, a blogger writing on t5m networks, said that she adores glasses so she is not downbeat about her poor eyesight.

"Big ones, round ones, vintage ones, geek-chic ones, I love them all," she noted on the website.

"My recent favourites are a pair of tortoise-shell John Lennon style frames, small and round and delicate on the face," she said.

The writer encouraged people with eyesight problems to embrace glasses, perhaps in tandem with Contact lens, and to find some "sexy spectacles" for this coming spring season.

Fashionistas may want to copy the style of big-name, specs-wearing stars such as Johnny Depp or Lady GaGa, who commonly change their glasses to change their image, either personally or professionally.

by Adrian Galbreth

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