Massa reveals purpose of glasses

Massa reveals purpose of glasses

By Emily Tait

Formula One driver Felipe Massa has been wearing glasses of recent but has noted that he does not require them for driving.

Perhaps the Brazilian Ferrari racer could one day invest in some contact lenses, as he admitted that he has "a little bit of myopia".

Speaking in a video chat with Prancing Horse fans and enthusiasts on the Ferrari.com website, Massa revealed he only wears the glasses when he is driving in the evening and when he is watching a movie.

"I prefer to read better what"s written on the screen. Usually for racing, also at night, it"s OK," Massa added.

He also spoke of the upcoming season, underlining what good work had been carried out with the new F10 car, with more than 100 laps completed per day during testing.

The first race of the 2010 season is set to take place in Bahrain on Sunday March 14th, with qualifying a day before.

by Martin Burns

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