William C Ezell Fellowships announced

William C Ezell Fellowships announced

By Adrian Galbreth

Two US students have been given the William C Ezell Fellowships, offering the chance to train to help contact lens wearers and other people with eye problems.

Johanna Tukler-Henriksson and Yiang Li both received the award and the $8,000 (£5,300) fund, which will allow them to pursue a career and education in optometric research.

In addition, the fellows, also supported by Bausch + Lomb and the American Optometric Foundation, will be given a $750 travel grant so they can attend annual meetings of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology and the American Academy of Optometry.

Ms Tukler-Henriksson is currently doing a degree in physiological optics and vision science at the University of Houston"s College of Optometry, while also working as a teaching assistant at the school.

Mr Li is studying at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing his work on foveal cone photoreceptor distribution and retinal stretching. He aims to carry out more research into myopia progression and progress adaptive optics controls after completing his degree.

The awarding of the fellowship follows the announcement that Bausch + Lomb has pledged its ongoing support to the future leaders of the eye care community.

by Martin Burns

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