Boy undergoes laser eye surgery for Coats Disease

Boy undergoes laser eye surgery for Coats Disease

A young boy has recently undergone laser eye surgery to prevent him going blind in one eye, after he was diagnosed with Coats Disease.

Harry Richardson, three, underwent surgery at the Sunderland Eye Infirmary to stop leakage behind one eye, which could have led to vision loss.

Lynsey Baxter, Harry"s mother, told the Harrow and Hubburn Gazette that doctors have managed to stop the leakage, which they described as "quite bad".

"The surgery took about an hour and was carried out to stem a leakage in the blood vessels," she added.

Doctors will check on Harry after three month"s, the newspaper reported, to see if the laser eye surgery has worked.

The boy"s condition was diagnosed after his mother noticed a white patch in his eye in a family photo, leading her to take him to the doctors.

Ms Baxter recently told the Shields Gazette that there is a danger that the right retina might detach from the eye if it is not treated.

by Alexa Kaczka

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