Wolfberries "can improve vision impairment"

Wolfberries "can improve vision impairment"

People who require contact lenses could benefit from eating wolfberries, according to a new study which suggests the food can be effective in improving retina damage.

Dingbo Lin, a research assistant professor of human nutrition at Kansas State University, said the fruit can lower the "oxidative stress" which occurs in the eyes of people with type-2 diabetes.

The specialist set out to make a link between nutrition and vision and his studies revealed a strong connection between wolfberries and the restoration of vision in people affected by oxidative stress.

"I would not say that wolfberries are a medicine, but they can be used as a dietary supplement to traditional treatments to improve vision," Mr Lin said.

Though the deficiency is fairly uncommon in sufferers of type-2 diabetes, it is not as rare as the condition suffered by 19-year-old British girl Danielle Burton, who has recently been diagnosed with Persistent Migraine Aura, which causes "kaleidoscope vision" and is thought to affect only 20 people on the planet.

by Alexa Kaczka

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