Migraine sufferers" vision "aided by silence"

Migraine sufferers" vision "aided by silence"

People suffering from migraines often head to a dark and quiet room when the symptoms of the condition are particularly severe, and a group of experts in Scotland have found that the reason for this may be a combination of the light and sound factor.

According to specialists at Scotland"s Glasgow Caledonian University, people suffering from migraines find it easier to see visual cues when there is no sound in the room.

Experts conducted two tests which showed that people with migraines could identify a white ring of light just as well as non-sufferers in a quiet atmosphere, but struggled to see properly when the room was noisy.

Lead researcher Doreen Wagner, Diplom-Ingenieur of Optometry and PhD student in vision science at the university, commented: "Our visual environment is generally very busy and full of objects, many of which are important at some times but not at others. Migraineurs may be at a disadvantage when searching for details, especially in cluttered environments.”

by Adrian Galbreth

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