New contact lens "may reverse hyperopia"

New contact lens "may reverse hyperopia"

Experts have developed and are now using a new type of Contact lens which may be able to reverse hyperopia.

Jaume Paune, a graduate in Optometry and Vision Sciences at the UPC-Barcelona Tech"s College of Optics and Optometry, designed a new type of contact lens which is meant to improve the vision of thousands of sufferers of the condition without the need for surgery.

He claimed that the condition, also known as farsightedness, can be cured or corrected through a procedure known as corneal reshaping, which uses unique rigid gas-permeable contact lenses to reshape the cornea to correct vision defects.

The patient only needs to wear the contact lenses at night, as they apply pressure to the tear film that coats the outside of the cornea, Mr Paune stated.

It followed the recent development of a new type of contact lens presented at the American Chemical Society meeting, which experts claim releases vitamin E into the eye and can help to prevent glaucoma.

by Alexa Kaczka

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