Optician "saved my sight"

Optician "saved my sight"

A Worcester man has praised a local optician after he spotted a bleed around the back of his eye during a routine examination.

Frank Banks noticed the had begun experiencing cloudy vision and went to optician Ann Swankie to have it investigated, who soon realised that Mr Banks had retinal bleed which could have caused blindness, the Worcester Standard reported.

The patient later underwent treatment on both eyes within hours to save his eyesight and now said he owes his vision to Ms Swankie.

"If the problem hadn"t been detected so quickly I would have lost the vision in both eyes. We can"t praise enough the service I received. It is not until your sight is threatened, that you realise how precious it is," he told the newspaper.

Recently, David Hurst, writing for the Daily Mail, pointed to a number of recent studies which have extolled the virtues of wearing contact lenses and said that they can potentially help to save people"s lives.

by Martin Burns

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