Eye donation drive only receives four donors

Eye donation drive only receives four donors

By Emily Tait

An event held to persuade people to donate their eyes after death saw only four people turn up to do so.

The initiative was held at an eye donation camp in Mumbai, India, at the Vidhan Bhavan, and was expected to generate a good response from the elected representatives in the area, but the turnout was poor.

Only four ministers turned out to pledge their eyes after death, which prompted public health minister Suresh Shetty to call for more awareness among both politicians and the general public.

"There is a superstition that one who donates eyes is not reborn. In fact, eye donation gives you rebirth as your eyes come back to life within hours after death," he said.

Recently, professor John Wallwork, chair of the Transplant Trust, said that many people regard the eyes as the most special organ due to their symbolism, which deters many from donating them after death.

by Alexa Kaczka

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