Having spare contact lens solution "always helpful"

Having spare contact lens solution "always helpful"

It is always worthwhile for Contact lens wearers to have a spare bottle of solution handy, according to one sector expert.

Dr Elena Douse told the South Wales Echo that part of a person"s cleaning routine should be to clean out the medicine cabinet, with contact lens solution one area which should be focused on.

She advised people to check expiry dates and throw out any old products, while also investing in new ones, as it is something which is essential for many contact lens wearers.

"If you"re a contact lens wearer, you"re probably well stocked up on saline solution. If not, it"s worth investing in a few bottles, as it is useful for bathing sore eyes as well as rinsing and storing your contact lenses," Dr Douse advised.

Contact lens solution is available on line to purchase with or without your contact lenses.

by Martin Burns

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