Taking care "the best method" when using contact lenses

Taking care "the best method" when using contact lenses

The best way to stay safe when using Contact lenses is to take extra care during morning and evening routines, according to one expert.

Mark Evans, the director of YouKnowIt.com, said that people who wear contact lenses need to ensure they take time when inserting and removing them, while using official products from respectable manufactures of contact lens solution is also advised.

"Taking care to keep your lenses and hands clean whilst putting contacts in and taking them out again is the best form of defence, keeping your eyes healthy and in great condition," he stated.

The expert added that using soft tipped tweezers which have been dipped in contact lens solution is one of the safest ways to handle them.

Recently, the Vanderbilt Eye Institute advised people thinking of purchasing the products to ensure they are from a respected manufacturer and to avoid parting with money if they have any suspicions over their authenticity.

by Emily Tait

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