Contact lens wearers "should shop around"

Contact lens wearers "should shop around"

By Emily Tait

People looking for the best deals on contact lenses will find that it pays to shop around, one specialist has pointed out.

Ophthalmic expert Dr Bruce Anderson told ABC Action News that his daughter recently started wearing contact lenses because they look much better than glasses, but found that some places overcharge for them.

He advised her to try looking for different retailers, as long as they were reputable and capable of supplying her prescribed lenses, and soon found that she could pick them up for cheaper elsewhere.

Dr Anderson advised: "You can save even more money if you shop with some online retailers. Patients need to consider the overall package when picking out something as important as eye wear."

Recently, Martin Lewis, a money saving expert, told the News of the World that buying online is one way in which people can significantly reduce the cost of contact lenses.

by Martin Burns

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