Computers "can detect diabetes-related eye problems"

Computers "can detect diabetes-related eye problems"

New computer technology can help with the detection of eye problems linked to diabetes, according to experts.

Specialists at the University of Iowa claim that cost-effective computerised systems to detect early eye problems related to diabetes can help meet the screening need.

A team at the facility compared the ability of two sets of computer programs to detect possible eye problems in 16,670 people with diabetes, with each performing equally well at identifying them.

Dr Michael Abramoff, associate professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the facility, commented: "Our analysis shows that the computerised programs appear to be as accurate and thorough as a highly trained expert in determining if these initial signs of an eye problem are developing in someone with diabetes."

Recently, experts at the University of Western Ontario Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering revealed that they have developed a glucose biosensor integrated with a disposable nanostructured contact lens.

by Martin Burns

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