Computer technique "may improve partial sightedness"

Computer technique "may improve partial sightedness"

A new technique may be able to improve the vision of people who have been left partially sighted after suffering a brain injury or stroke, according to experts.

New research has found that a computer-based technique developed and assessed by Durham University improved partially-sighted people"s ability to see better and may eventually add to the range of rehabilitation techniques for partially-sighted patients.

Lead researcher, Dr Alison Lane, from Durham University"s Psychology Department, said the research shows that basic training works in getting people to use their "poor" visual side better.

"We think attention is key in improving people"s abilities to use their limited vision. This simple technique is a very viable rehabilitation option and in future could be easily accessible at low cost to everyone who needs it," she said.

The experts at Durham University believe the technique can be particularly effective in improving vision of those with hemianopia, which affects over 4,000 people in the UK each year and causes sufferers to lose half of their visual field due to stroke or other brain injury.

by Alexa Kaczka

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