People "should wear contact lenses" to eye exams

People "should wear contact lenses" to eye exams

People who wear contact lenses should ensure they keep them in when going for an eye exam, according to one source.

The resident health expert for the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune said that wearing contact lenses to an exam can save time, as the expert assessing the individual will not have to ask numerous questions and can determine what kind of procedure will be most relevant.

According to the source, people who wear sunglasses on a prescription should also take them along to make the process faster.

It added: "Be prepared to tell your eye doctor if you have had any injuries to your eyes or head that could affect your vision. Find out if you have a family history of glaucoma or other eye diseases, diabetes or hypertension."

Further advice to contact lens wearers was recently issued by the ISN supersite, which said that contact lens wearers must rigidly follow the manufacturer"s instructions for the products.

by Adrian Galbreth

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