Sportsman turns to contact lenses to improve form

Sportsman turns to contact lenses to improve form

By Alexa Kaczka

A baseball player who has been struggling with his eyesight has turned to contact lenses in an attempt to improve his vision and form at the same time.

Todd Helton, who plays for the Colorado Rockies, has visited an ophthalmologist in order to have contact lenses fitted which will hopefully assist him on the field of play and bump up his batting average.

He told the Denver Post that corrective contact lenses will hopefully allow him to improve his form and be even more of a force at the plate.

"I just wasn"t seeing the ball. It was either my eyes or my head. I didn"t know if there was anything wrong. It was just one of those things were I wanted to make sure," Helton said.

It comes after Eric Duncan, who plays for the Mississippi Braves and formerly starred for the New York Yankees, revealed that contact lenses have been the key to him improving his sight and therefore his game.

by Emily Tait

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