Contact lenses market "continues to grow"

Contact lenses market "continues to grow"

By Martin Burns

The worldwide market for contact lenses continues to grow at a "favourable rate", according to the latest report.

A study published by Global Industry Analysts (GIA) suggests that the world market for contact lenses and solutions is projected to exceed $11.7 billion (£7.9 billion) by the year 2015.

The report claims that this is primarily being driven by favourable demographics, the "continuing shift" to high-value disposable lenses, as well as the growing incidence of myopia, reduction in the number of people stopping wearing lenses and the expansion of less-developed markets.

"Rapid expansion of wearer base coupled with strong growth in specialty lens segment is boosting contact lens sales. The most rapid increase in sales for specialties is likely to take place in regions with concentrated elderly populace," GIA stated.

It comes after AnnArbour.com recently observed that conditions ranging from myopia to astigmatism can all be treated through the use of contact lenses and encouraged people to be aware of these options.

by Martin Burns

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