New contact lens solution "on the way"

New contact lens solution "on the way"

By Alexa Kaczka

A new contact lens solution is likely to be on the market in the near future after Abbott confirmed the launch of its latest product.

RevitaLens is a multi-purpose solution for cleaning and storing lenses and gained approval from European regulators last month, with Abbott now launching the product in select overseas markets, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Three years ago the organisation was forced to pull a solution from the market over safety fears, but Abbott is hoping the new product will offer contact lens wearers an effective solution.

Spokesman Steve Chesterman told the source that RevitaLens has taken "some time" to develop, but the product has now been able to meet new regulations implemented by the US Food and Drug Administration.

Meanwhile, Dr Elena Douse recently told the South Wales Echo that it is always worthwhile for contact lens wearers to have a spare bottle of solution handy.

by Emily Tait

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