Contact lenses "make people look younger"

Contact lenses "make people look younger"

People who require reading glasses but feel like the optical aids make them look older should consider switching to Contact lenses, one expert has claimed.

Voxy.co.nz pointed out that the majority of women feel that wearing glasses makes them look older – something which could be remedied by wearing lenses instead.

Vicky Wang, leading clinical optometrist of Eden Eye, said many women are slow to face their vision problems as they become older and their eyes" ability to focus declines.

She told the source: "A solution many women don"t often know exist is multifocal contact lenses. By wearing these, no one has to know you need vision correction, and no more squinting either; helping keep the signs of aging at bay in the long run."

Recently, ABC.com noted that people who consult a professional and have contact lenses properly fitted can have them tailored to suit any situation, so things like reading do not become a chore involving having to find glasses.

by Martin Burns

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