Regular eye tests "essential" for protecting vision

Regular eye tests "essential" for protecting vision

It is essential that people regularly visit the optician for eye tests in order to protect their long-term vision, one body has recommended.

The charity Action for Blind People advised members of the public to schedule regular appointments with a professional, as this can help to spot any changes to their eyesight and the development of any conditions.

It pointed out that one in four people fail to have an eye test every two years, even though this is recommended by the NHS and free to those under 16 or over the age of 60.

"A regular eye test can identify any early indications of diseases such as cataract, glaucoma and age related macular degeneration. An eye test can also identify other problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure for which the optometrist can refer you back to a GP," the source said.

Recently, David Scott-Ralphs, chairman of National Eye Health Week, said that it needs to be made clearer to people that they should be going for an eye examination at least once every two years.

by Martin Burns

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