Contact lenses "can correct most forms of defective vision"

Contact lenses "can correct most forms of defective vision"

Most people who have defective vision can enjoy perfect sight again if they opt for contact lenses, one expert has claimed.

Gerald Boehme from the Professional Association of German Opticians told monstersandcritics.com that lenses can be very effective.

"Contact lenses can correct most forms of defective vision including long sightedness," the website reports him as saying.

The website went on to say that people interested in ditching their glasses should visit an ophthalmologist to find out whether their eyes are healthy enough to take contact lenses.

It explained that it can take up to two hours to fit the first set of lenses as the first pair tried may not be the best match for the patient.

The site also claimed that people without spectacles have a wider field of vision, which could be useful for motorists.

by Adrian Galbreth

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